Community Supported Entrepreneurship

Sometimes you read something you have been thinking about and trying to articulate for a long time. Well, here is one something that has been so clear in my head for years, but every time I try to articulate it, only jumbled frustration and anger comes out of my mouth. Thank you Brian Kahn for your simple and eloquent words. I borrow them here and will likely unintentionally steal them in the future. I highly suggest you pick up Brian’s book, Real Common Sense: Using Our Founding Values To Reclaim Our Nation And Stop the Radical Right From Hijacking America.

“The point here is not that entrepreneurship and the investors of capital are unimportant: They play a key role in the dynamic of our national and international economy, and should be rewarded and incentivized. But the fact is that the implementation of entrepreneurial ideas – and the subsequent generation of wealth – depends on an intricate, living community including our public schools that create an educated workforce, tax-payer-funded subsidies, public transportation and roads, a host of other publicly supported institutions, and, most fundamentally, the whole community of people who do the actual work,” and buy the products.

In the future, I will be writing a post on why I added “and buy the products” based on the social contract between consumer and producer that assumes the producer has not harmed society in the production and selling of the product. Purchases are not only a transaction, but a “do no harm” agreement between buyers and sellers who are also both citizens and community members.


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