You are what you eat and the Farm Bill ensures you eat crap

Photo by Melissa Gruntkosky,

Photo: Melissa Gruntkosky

If you want health care reform, change the Farm Bill. Obesity. Diabetes. Congestive heart failure. And god knows what else is caused by the food we put in our moths every day. Danielle Nierenberg and I explore how the policies in the Farm Bill affect our health and wonder why no one is talking about it. Ok, we know why – Big Ag money. Don’t believe me? Well, 90% of Americans want foods that have been genetically modified (GMOs) to be labeled. But state and federal governments will not pass labeling bills. California will be voting on a referendum (Prop 37) on GMO labeling in November and Monsanto, Pepsico and every other major brand is pouring millions of dollars into the “No on 37” campaign to kill it. That is only one example.

Its time for us all to invest in our food future and know what we are putting in our mouths. Share this post with your friends and your Congresspeople and tell them you want a Farm Bill that supports you and your family’s health.

Read the full article, The Real Health Care Bill Is Passing in Silence, by Danielle and me at:


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