Let’s be honest. We all want to be cool. But at what cost? Being cool makes us do things we normally would not do. Hell, I am passionate about treating the Earth with respect but am writing this on my iPad with a smartphone in my pocket. I know that is not good for the planet. This blog are my rants and raves about social innovators and entrepreneurs that are getting it very wrong and very right. Please send corrections, opinions and hate mail.

My day job is helping social innovators and entrepreneurs truly change the world through IMAGINE Social Good. We are dedicated to empowering citizens to reengage with their communities and driving the change needed to create a just and sustainable world.

The content of this blog is my own.


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  1. Hi Dan,

    You just followed me on twitter and I quickly browsed thru your site. I know the feeling you describe! I work for a crowdfunded custom apparel company…I’m happy that we’re able to facilitate huge fundraisers (300k+ for AZ firefighters, etc) but ache to think about the environmental impact of the production and shipping of all of these shirts. How do we strike a balance?

    • That is THE question. We want to do good, but sometimes only ask the first question (how do we help the firefighters) and ignore the next three questions that reveal that our strategy is more harmful to society and the planet than the good our solution creates. For example, t-shirts take an enormous amount of water to make (mostly the irrigation of cotton), which dries up aquifers, causes drought, which results in fires that kills firefighters. Most people scoff at that type of thinking or retreat to “I can only do what I can do” mentality. But it is that mentality by people that want to do good that builds our road to hell. Thanks so much for the comment.

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